Pres. Barack Obama—

—It seemed to a lot of people that you were the emperor of discourse and promise and hope. Now you sit on the throne you sought in the campaign. But you have left the campaign behind— you campaign no longer— and I am very unhappy to see now that you are the emperor who has no clothes on. You should be campaigning still for the policies you pledged, but you shed your clothing of fine suasory raiment from the campaign for the health care reform and a single-payer plan for all you said you supported. You were absent in prominent, public and frequent support of a really good health-care bill. What happened? You owe us an explanation!

I expect you to appear publically and prominently putting your clothes back on in a clear and detailed explanation of just exactly what we now have in this health care bill. It is your duty. How will the law now generally affect this society? Describe and clarify the law’s effects, as you have digested them! Please do it! We have not heard you at the most critical time time when the debate was going on. Where are you? What have you been doing?

To be understanding, I believe that the campaign was rigorously demanding and took a toll of your stamina. Possibly you were greatly fatigued by it and needed a time to restore your native energy. To wage another campaign for healt care, say, on top of the election campaign probably requires more energy you have not yet recouped. We all know that the campaign for a health care bill against its implacable foes, the other party that has been bought and paid for by the insurance industry, requires a highly energetic fight. It seems apparent that you may not yet be up to the task, physically. That is my conviction.

The Republicans will probably win by default, your vulnerability at this time for the reason stated. I think that explains your weakened leadership.

Also, you may not fully support, as I do, health care as a program of “medicare for all” as a right Constitutionally guaranteed in the provision for General Welfare in the language of the Preamble. You may also prefer to let the policy arise from the “people”, as represented by their elected surrogates in Congress, and that has made you appear to be playing a more passive role in the drive toward a health care law. You also have a predeliction for a bipartisanship that eschews the use of the majority power you own, believing that would not yield the consensus outcome you covet.

I cannot figure you out, Mr. President. I want you out there exhibiting the same spirited and eloquent advocacy for the health care law I supposed you would propose. I have not seen it. I am disappointed. And your declining poll numbers may reflect my reservations about you. What a loss of the hope for believable change you evinced in your campaign for that oval-office chair!

I am rather sad about all that. Chiefly, I choose to believe that the utter exhaustion you have experienced is the best explanation. And given all the other problems confronting you, you may not yet have had enough time to recover. I am desperately trying to account for your reticence in fighting for a health care bill that I and my fellow progressives would celebrate.

I am fighting the view that you want now to rest on your laurels, easing up somewhat, taking it easy for a while, enjoying the ride you have earned, and so on. But I do not think that is you.

Hey, man! Let’s go!


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