Dick Cheney, Joe Biden and “Face the Nation”

Socrates, who probably looked something like Dick Cheney, functioned in Ancient Greece as a gad-fly. Dick Cheney is acting like a gad-fly, even though not anywhere near the caliber of Socrates, who was really Plato’s character. Nobody, as far as I know, is pulling Dick Cheney’s strings but Dick Cheney himself and the ideology of the Bush years.

I know a lot of people who have an intense dislike for Dick Cheney. I, until today, felt the same dislike many people do.

However, and that’s one big “but”, after seeing him today (Sunday, 2-14-10, Valentine’s Day) on Bob Schieffer’s “Face the Nation”, I just have to give Cheney his due and, as much as I hate to, play his Devil’s Advocate. I saw Dick Cheney’s arguments being answered by V.P. Joe Biden. The former veep gad-flyed the present veep into a defense of all that the present regime is doing to keep America safe and showing the errors of the former veep’s contentions. Thanks to Schieffer, we saw a good game. Cheney, a gadfly, which sits on the rump of the horse and stings the big beast into defensive reaction, has performed a public service, making the incumbents detail and defend their acts.

Socrates was sentenced to drink his cup of Hemlock after greatly agitating his society. That was then. In the now, we are more in the know not to appreciate a social gad-fly when we see one. I have tried to say the best for someone many would wish to see just go away.

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