Pres. Obama’s (Suspected [Expected?]) Slippage on Health Care

Every organism has feelers. Mine are vibrating, sensing the beginning of huge problem with Pres. Obama. I have supported him through the campaign, election and now. I appreciate his accomplishments and power on the stump, as a great communicator.

But I am beginning to sense that what he is delivering is less than what I hoped for, especially in the arena of the big issue of health care where he wanted to produce reform. Essentially, he is going to leave health care in the hands of the for-profit insurance companies. It is profit versus needs, and under Obama, profits will win the contest, unless health care like Medicare-for-all becomes the policy of the land, as a General Welfare right as headlined in the Preamble of our social contract of two hundred plus years ago.

Pres. Obama is on the path of making health care a commercial product. Older people will be charged three times more than younger people because the risk for payouts by the for-profit insurers becomes greater with the elderly. The bottom line will have to be protected.

If Pres. Obama’s plan passes, it will unravel very soon, according to Marcia Angel of the Harvard Med School (Bill Moyers Journal, Friday 3-5-2010). Declare it dead, she counsels. Pull it and come back with a Medicare-for-All bill. There are poison pills scattered throughout the present bill, she said. The whole program was filled with details to make anyone reassess any hope placed in Pres. Obama’s ability to meet the healthcare needs of people in this society.

He has come too late to the fray, as I grew impatient to hear him speak out on a really substantial policy. I wrote my attitude to the “summit”, previously. It was not well conducted.

The empathically challenged Republican capitalists will win. Greed, material acquisitiveness, will win. I am not sure Pres. Obama will think that is a bad thing in the health care resolution.

Voices like mine are the canaries in the health-care mine. Let the President heed the dying songs; there are many.


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  1. Interesting ! Your text contained much information about Obama’s slippage on health care I didn’t knew. Learned something new again!
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