“Jihad Against Jihad” (A Fareed Zakaria Report, Sunday, 3-7-2010)

I, JFD, author of this blog, have copied this from an email that was sent to me by, whom, I do not know. I am putting it on my blog because it says things I would have subscribed to. Here it is in the following, word for word: BEGIN


Good news! A fatwa on Suicide Bombing and Terrorism of 600 pages has been published. The author a mullah, Dr. Muhammad Takir-ul-Qadri. In that fatwa were these pronouncements:

  • Islam does not justify terrorism.
  • Islam condemns terrorism.
  • Terrorists are exiled from Islam.
  • Terrorists are destined for hell. (There will be no 72 virgins.)

Will it have wide reach to 1.5 billion Muslims on the globe?
“Hard to tell,” said Fareed. “9/11 was a wakeup for Muslims.” He also said, this Fatwa answers all the questions following the 9/11 atrocity, where were the mullahs, the Islamic clerics, and other leaders, to answer the questions about the role of the Islamic religion and those who seemed to hi-jack Islam in such atrocious ways.

The elections in Iraq, I think, show the fearless Iraqi voters. Super citizens will be found braving the all too real threat of losing life as they go to the polls. Fearful, probably, but FEARLESS, to put ink on the finger.

One interviewee on Fareed’s program said that perhaps the future of Iraq holds a more open, less religious future, more secularism in its political life.

I wonder, is Iraq a chick breaking its shell from the inside. Will such movements spread to the rest of the Middle East, where freedom of discussion is not suppressed by religion or totalitarian governance? The two double-dealing powers.



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