Those Dense Reporters on the Scene at the Floods

Well, well! There they are. Up to their knees in flood water, just like last year, describing what is obvious in the picture as any one can plainly see. The real question occurred to none of them; hence, “dense”. There is the volunteer sandbag line, filling and handing down the line hundreds of very heavy bags.

What happened to last year’s sandbags? Shouldn’t the landowners be doing something about a permanent fix? How high is the flood insurance there? Has not the government for that area made arrangements to change zoning to move housing out of the area of that perennial trouble spot?

That’s the only real story, dimwits. NOT, “O, look, the water’s rising! It’s up to as high as my brain.”

On Second Thought (A Long Time Later)

I am too harsh. Too critical. And I know it. Perhaps the only significant thing is to have a few moments in the news for showing the floods. If some commentary is to be made voice over, let it be simply descriptive of some information outside the obvious. For anyone exposed to the flood scene via the TV screen, sitting comfortably in a living room, will, if they are human and not a dog will say to themselves in empathy, “What a catastrophe for those poor people. The loss! The sad, sad, life-turning loss. And the rescuers! Always there. Good for them. People helping people in dire need. And the animals! Flushed from a home. Sad. Sad. Sad.”

I feel an apology is needed, and I do. The only purpose for showing the scene is to evoke sympathy, and empathy, and some charitable emotion, and that is what happened to me.

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