Prudence. Prudence Tested?

At every stop light, your prudence will be tested. Tested especially if you have someone riding shotgun with you, urging you on. To beat the yellow light. To make the left turn before the oncoming car gets here. All going against your individual sense of prudence. Aye, there’s the rub. You have been tested.

You must resist those urgings, if you value your own sense of what is safe and prudent. If you yield to the urgings that deny your own sense of what is correct, and right, then your prudence is questionable; you’ve failed the prudence test.

I once read a book (or article) by an eminent child psychologist, a Scotsman, a contribution that took that field by storm. In his observations of children at play, he documented the fact that older children urging younger children to do something will be the cause of more injuries to the younger. The younger child was being asked to do something beyond his ability but well within the capabilities of the older child. The younger children were not aware of their ineptitudes, behaviors requiring more maturity, maturation, experience or training, and at the moment needed “prudence” (discretion, right judgment, discernment) to resist the urgings that may come in the form of a dare, a challenge more like a threat. You know how kids do. And so it seems do “adults”.

The driving situation is a good, and crucial, spot to test your prudence. Can you resist urgings that would override your judgment? Or, do you have a developed prudence for safe driving.






I have learned, since writing this, that more lethal accidents take place, killing teen-agers, when there are more than two of them riding in the car with the teen-age driver. The kids sort of “riot” in the car, fun loving. A recipe for disaster, and very, very often it will happen that they get carried away among themselves, and subsequently, by the ambulances and hearses. They become totally imprudent, and quite often fatally so, as demonstrated by the stats I saw announced on a television news show.

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