How Do You Speak to Your Human Body? As an Equal? As a Menial? What Language?

There is such a thing as “body language” which speaks to other people. Gestures. Dress. Posture. Etc. That’s not what I am talking about.

I am talking about the language in which you must be fluent in order to speak to your own body. Your own body speaks to you —->ALL THE TIME<—-! It says:

  • “you need food!”
  • “You are tired. Go lie down!”
  • “Your right side has a bad pain. Go see a doctor!”


What is the only language for speaking with your body?

“Body!” you say. “Body! You dear old thing of my momma’s and dad’s making, I am speaking to you today in ‘calories’. I am stuffing down into my stomach an amount of food having an energy producing value that, when oxidized in the body, YOU, is capable of releasing three large calories of energy, that’s three kilogram-calories. I do not need that energy now because I am going to sit here and enjoy the functions of my taste buds and the pleasantly comfortable feelings of satiation.”

The body thinks, ‘Doesn’t he know that I will have to store that excess energy as fat? I’m running out of places to put it. Poor sap, he doesn’t speak my language. But I’ll have to tell him in some sort of consequence he’ll understand. Ah! I have just the disease for him. Diabetes! That’ll get his attention. When it comes to understanding me, he’s a rank amateur illiterate where he should be a professional.’

Those languages the body speaks are the esoterica of :

  • goal setting (short term behavioral objectives, long term aims);
  • motivation (feeling behavior being energized toward underlying goals set, determination, becoming proactive);
  • anatomy (knowing body parts);
  • physiology (knowing functions and interactions of body parts);
  • symptomatology (recognizing signs of distress);
  • nutrition (food science, calories, fats, carbs, proteins, enzymes, and more);
  • exercise (body conditioning);
  • changing goals and needs over a lifetime, the ageing process of keeping current with all the above. (Not carrying over the youthful habits of eating into middle and old age.)

That’s tough stuff for illiterate bodies. But if they can’t read, they can at least listen, question, and obey. Every body must become proactive. No body can be simply reactive, waiting to be told.

The body thinks, ‘I’ll have to warn him. He may not understand, but what else can I do? As part of the human race, I do have the built in means of coping successfully to take care of myself, but I get no respect, no cooperation. I was born for better things, but this guy’s a slumlord, and that came from poor parenting, poor education, poor study habits, laziness, being a “good-time Charley”. I’m certainly headed for an early call on an old flame.’

There’s no happy old age without body wisdom.’

‘Well,’ says the body, ‘he didn’t get it, I am sorry to say. I guess he’ll feel the full farce of his ignorance and suffer the dire consequences of diabetes. I told him. I tried.’

I am speaking only from my own personal knowledge and analysis and experience. (I am not that kind of doctor.) In this essay, I am shaking that didactic finger at myself, as well.


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  1. Great article I’ll be adding this site to my favorites.

  2. I see many great comments on your article. It’s obvious to many readers how talented you are and how well you get your views noticed.

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