Watching George Will on TV: A Case for NVC Study

Watching George Will as he is being vigorously questioned by fellow panelists on a Sunday morning news-talk show is a rich display of nonverbal communication behavior any class in the subject would find extremely interesting to analyze and study. Mr. Will is a pundit and columnist, of a bending-right persuasion. He faced some interlocutors of a bending-left bent. Rising flushed face. Shaking hands—look quickly to see it, as for most indicators. Eyes reddening. Arm folding and leaning back. Hand holding face on cheek. Fingers tapping table-top. I would call it behavior suppressing anger. I interpret it as an intense testing of his self-esteem by several of his fellow panelists questioning his positions on issues. I think he would prefer not take part in a democratic discussion seeking consensus on a solution to an important social issue for our society. However, it would be a learning opportunity for him. I believe he would have much to offer.

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