Quirky Stunts from Dark Secrets Grow

Most people, I presume, have deep, dark secrets which will never be divulged. UNLESS PROPERLY PROMPTED! (Perhaps.) Such secrets probably cover events of sex and love, aberrant habits and addictions, dishonesty and crime, guilt, disappointments and regrets, cowardice and malice, embarrassments and shame, omissions and commissions, and another type the cover for excessive pride or shame or guilt called “compensation”, compensatory behavior, which nevertheless covers a secret.

I contend that most people will commit acts that have strange motivations. Motivated behavior is energized behavior. It is recognizable because it is overt, open and observable, not secret or hidden. I call them quirky stunts, “quirky” because overt behaviors are outward manifestations of an aspect of one’s secret mind, or thoughts, which do not appear in the behavior normally expected by those who surround the individual. The stunt is the strange act, the act of a stranger. But there it is! Who woulda thunk it?! I might call them slivers in our psyches that have finally worked their way out into the open. The psyche is that which is responsible for one’s thoughts and feelings, an actuating cause in the life of the individual, both reason and unreason. Perhaps the “mind”. The individual’s eccentricity. Singular, outlandish, unconventional. Undisclosed secrets at the base. The personality part that is repressed.

Many such stunts have appeared in the news. A woman runs away from her child and husband. A man shoots a bunch of people on an army post. The Columbine High School killers. A lacrosse star kills a female lacrosse star. The examples are legion.

If one grows together with another, such secrets will still be held. But! The truth will out!

There is the internal dialog, or narrative, of the repressing individual. Perhaps such secrets become secrets from the individual herself. That depends on the depth of the person’s self-knowledge. “Know thyself!” is an ancient dictum. I would guess that a study might show a majority of the population in an advanced, multicultural country like the U.S. would be out of touch with themselves to a significant degree. But as long as most others are in the same condition, who would notice or care?

Identifying “terrorists” and “serial killers” or “serial rapists” and portraying those narratives as stories on television may have an educative effect. People are becoming more circumspect as they enter an airport and undergo the scrutiny, becoming more sensitized to their own narrative as an internal monologue showing up on one’s face or in posture or gesture or dress.

Someday the individual narratizing the dark, secretive matter will become known by others in the circles of friendships and colleagues and neighbors and acquaintances and classmates and by those others who will become watchdogs for preventing catastrophic acts arising from strange motivations, slivers in the psyches.


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