The Body Knows! It Has a Physiological Life of Its Own. Listen! Observe!

As I age, I am thinking the body knows what it is doing. Part of that may be body-wisdom, but also, sitting atop it is a brain for thinking and directing action that has aged and become capable of wise observation and moves to behave more intelligently. If you are attuned to such things by a desire to—SURVIVE! If you have a teleological ethic of being directed by some drive toward a future end of the complete unfolding of you, your total span of life lived as you can envision it, as you would wish it.

The body is shedding weight and muscle and the characteristics that made it more acceptable for the mating game, or any game you would play in that part of the life plan. The older people who desperately pursue the cosmetics cover-ups not related to health— well, that’s an attempt to recapture what has been lost and overlay it on an inappropriate “canvas”. As if they were in the mating games of lost youth, still! There are more sedate ways to look presentable.

The body knows it has entered a life-phase that may look askance at strength over intelligence, hotty-ness over cool maturity, and so forth. But I must pick up on compensations for what has been lost, and that means astute judgment.

The body speaks a language all its own, one of organs and functions (anatomy and physiology). We can’t all be medical doctors, we should know more than we in general do, and we can tutor ourselves into body wisdom using “bibliotherapy”. Pop literature on nutrition and health and books on ailments carefully chosen.

I once heard that one secret of a good, longer life was to get a chronic disease and learn to treat it. Diabetes is one of those. I have seen someone who went for a long time with the most outrageous eating habits leading to morbid obesity and diabetes suddenly exclaim he did not want to have to go on the needle shots. He instituted an eating discipline with intense determination. He got “religion” in a hurry. He is making progress.

Handling the body is a true test of “character”.

As I said before, character is forged in the metallurgy of choice. The body is your anvil. The brain choosing is your hammer. Character is the hot iron. The body knows, more than most people realize.

The body knows that one cannot carry over into middle or old age the eating and nutrition habits of youth and vigorous maturity. If you do, it will swear a blue streak at you. And where does that swearing come from? The past. The long gone folks in your line. And the tribes of ancestors. Many, many generations of beings in your line, speaking to you in your genetic inheritance. They set you up for types of diseases, and all the other formations that mark your identity. And your present habits may have something to do with the success or failures in your descendants, you creating a special future for them. That’s my understanding. We all have a responsibility toward future generations. Starting with your kids, and then their kids, along the line of choices your forefathers(mothers) took.

Know what the body knows. Study it. You have an ethical duty. Get with the program.

Family History and What the Body Knows

Each child will have illnesses and disabilities arising from a genetic inheritance. The disabilities and illnesses will have started somewhere along the genetic line the child has received from far back in the child’s ancestry. It is commonly stated that we all at present have been affected by the Neolithic diet. One source says, “If for the past 50,000 years, your particular genetic expression and signature did well on a specific type of diet, will it do as well today on the very different approaches to foods?” The young learner should (must) inquire of the family elders about the nature of health and nutrition and occupations so that the child is aware of some potential causes of his or her personal health history. The child must understand where health or lack of it may come from. Therefore, each person should interview through questions probing the elder relatives along the lines of work habits, diet and so forth. And it is not all food based. Certain body movements required for work over generations may have influenced certain tendencies in bodily strengths and weaknesses being carried forward. What the body knows has a history.


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