A First Approximation of “Genius”

We each and every one of us are like blossoms on a twig on a branch on a limb on a trunk on roots deep in the soil of Earth. We blossoms have in us all the message codes that determine what we are.

Anyone with basic standard intelligence can do the work of genius, but we must apply the ethic that genius is 10% education, leading to 10% inspiration, requiring 80% perspiration.

In undergrad school I began to learn how to study, and especially in grad school, I really learned how to study. I wondered why I had not learned to study in my secondary education. The answer is in that perspiration thing, motivation, that which energizes, arouses, excites, stimulates behavior.

What energized me to make the difference? There are several sources. I was paying for my education. I wanted to have a job on the heady not body side of work. I wanted something beyond the daily grind of working in a machine shop or a furniture factory or a gas station, or an automobile production line. Working as a printer, I found more variation and interest in the job, BUT—

I gave the government my service, they gave me my higher education, and I again owed the public my service on the heady side of work. I was made into a professional student and had to do what professional students do, become more proficient at study-work and want others to become more proficient at study-work, even as a sidelight to regular work, for I saw that as the secret of the more civilized societies, the highly educated work-force. The higher education of study and problem solving for the democratic, problem-solving society. I was motivated to understand through study beginnings and ends and pathways toward “better” ends rather than “bitter” ends. I needed to become a change-agent as I had found the way to change myself. Thus, study became a good habit. Enquiry. Questioning. Analyzing. Investigation and its processes. Balancing alternatives (reasoning). Problem resolution.

I am very critical, BUT — I tend always to be constructive.

Definition is usually the key to understanding, and I learned the ways of defining. Through “science”. I am not a scientist, though I have done scientific studies. But I know the method. The rigor of study aiming at “reliable knowledge”.

When I say “perspiration”, I say with the Germans, genius is nothing but monstrous energy — “Genie ist nichts als ungeheueres Energie.”

With those principles I would legislate for all mankind.

“Genius” is within the reach of most normally intelligent people.

Beyond those who wear tea!
The deliberative mind!

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