Our Pet Weed

Our pet weed has copulative designs on the small bird house hanging above it on a limb above and shading the barrel where our pet is growing from the center surrounded by the dim bulbs that never arose from their beds two inches below the surface at the rim of the barrel, in which the squirrel buried the bones (and some flesh) of a rabbit that loves to eat my grass down to and including the roots, a bare spot in which the squirrel loves to dirt bathe, so I surrounded the rim of the barrel with chicken wire to keep the bugger out, and the pet weed has grown up through the chicken wire that keeps me from digging out the rabbit bones, to give them a decent burial in the garbage can, and now the pet weed has produced a most pitiful excuse for a yellow blossom at its very tip, as if to say, “I do what I can, and I’m sorry I cannot do more for you considering this beautiful shady place you have given me and that lovely bird house I will someday make mine if you do not lose patience with me.”

(Psst! notice something odd about the foregoing?)

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