TV Traffic Reporters & The Driving Law of the Week

In addition to assessing the traffic conditions at any one time for the driving/commuting public, you could supplement your public service with an additional, traffic-related service: the laws governing driving that contribute to safe and sane behavior behind the wheel. The traffic report usually includes accident reports. Take one more giant step, reporters! The next logical step. Give a succinct reminder in a “DRIVING LAW OF THE DAY” and repeat it several times.

For one example, I see one driving behavior that is dangerous and almost always violated. When turning a corner, the law requires the driver to turn into the nearest lane. Nearly all drivers turn into the farthest lane, especially true on left turns. I stopped and asked a traffic cop about that. He verified my observation and the governing law.

I think the daily mayhem, the crush and grind of heavy metal on human flesh on the roadways, can be laid, at least in a small part, on the doorstep of the TV traffic reporter, who could and should add a daily tip to those who are about to enter the traffic stream. Why not something constructive for the betterment of the daily commute and the improvement of driving generally?

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