Food, Inc., The Movie

I believe that it is the responsible citizen’s duty to see this film. That done, you will carry with you a healthy critical nature every time you confront the splendors displayed in any super market you enter. You will know the ugly truth behind the beauties of display, the unconscionable treatment of the farmers by monopolistic agribusiness and of all livestock enforced by the demands of cost-cutting for the bottom line. You cannot feel any pride in American productivity where food is the product. Except for the organic producers.

Tender souls will not want to see the brutality and the iron-fisted control portrayed in the film, BUT THEY MUST SWALLOW HARD AND LOOK AT IT. Government regulation has been curtailed by deals of some kind. Farmers are hounded by patent-police sent by the monopolies which have patented LIFE. Violators will be prosecuted. Oprah Winfrey was prosecuted for libeling a farm product. She won, at great expense to her. Farmers are put out of business defending themselves against the big producers.

This film is a marvelous education in a very important facet of American life. You will take the knowledge gained to the checkout cash register where you will cast a vote in dollars spent on the correct foods and brands. You, as a shopper, will be made wiser. That you can have an effect on the policies of agribusiness is one major point of the film.

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