Veterans’ Day, 2010

11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month.
Does it move you? Should it move you? We used to have to stand by our desks in school for a moment of silence, at that very moment.
Bells and whistles of school and industry would sound out over the city. We used to have to know the history of this day. Do they still have that ceremony in schools?

This is a part of our mystic (misty) democracy. Patriotism. Part of what makes America beautiful. A remembrance. Of dead servicemen of our acquaintance. And those other days of wartime. Serious days. Solemn days. With VE Day to come.

Most people do not reminisce about such things. Probably nearly all do not. There should be a national conscience for this, conscience being, in my definition, a sense of the ideal self.

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