Communism, Capitalism, Oligarchy, Democracy. Times, they are a-changing!

(1) Economically, is China (communism) going to outstrip America (capitalism)? We are their debtors, are we not, in really deep?

(2) The Republicans appear to me to be establishing a government for the United States that could be a government by a small group of people, commonly known as an oligarchy, and nearly a cabal, displacing what we normally call a democracy. They have the advantage of the rules that have redefined “majority rule” to the point that democratic action can be postponed. Remember, democracy postponed was a tenet of government-in-the-meantime called communism.

Tea-Party and Republicans? Examine those ideologies carefully!


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  1. trottinette electrqiue

    Communism, Capitalism, Oligarchy, Democracy. Times, they are a-changing! | A Deliberative Mind: Proactive Reflective Prescient Egalitarian

  2. I make my living writing, but I am not nearly as good as you. I’m not sure I would have the focus to do all the homework you’ve done on this topic. This is great.

  3. Первые два комментатора глаголят истину 🙂
    [The first two commentators verb truth]

  4. No, Greg. Nothing like that. I am a retired professor of speech communication. I have many opinions on many things and wanted a place to express them. Thank you for taking notice. In my profession, I was heavily involved in criticism. Being a critic is important fun for me but almost hateful to others. (Like family.)

  5. I enjoy your writing every time i visit your blog, do you work as a journalist some time? Keep up with the good blog.

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