Stealth Spam?

I receive a nice comment on a blog entry. But I look that gift horse in the mouth, so to speak. I click on the source name or title, and I am taken to a web site that is selling something. Office equipment. Tobacco products. Investmen advice. And so forth. One special product is sex, beautiful nudes. I do not want to be the source of making available anything like that. I am not a prig, but —!

I wonder if I am being used as an advertiser for such merchandise. I label such comments as spam. I am a bit disturbed that the nice comment was insincere praise and that I was so easily taken in by flattery.

I liked it and then I felt duped, that those comments were truly spam in disguise.

But on second thought, those folks may be people at work, using the office computer to surf the net to while away some extra time, probably to the chagrin of the boss. That is being done, I’ve heard. Thus I rationalize my foolish bout with flattery. Maybe I have salved some tedious time.

I have trashed some comments. This exercise of evaluation is interesting. Have you seen the program called “Lie to Me”? It applies the reading of nonverbal responses, signals, signs, emblems, among all human behaviors that communicate sincerity, truth-telling or lying, and an abundance of other affective signals. There is a counterpart for that in the verbal behavior of speaking (word choice, vocabulary) and in the verbal behavior of writing (internal and external criticism of any documents in historical research, since anything committed to paper may become an historical document, unlike the spoken word.)

I do not know which to trash and which to okay. It is a judgment call.

There is always the idiotic comment. The comment totally unrelated to the blog context. The comment so pitifully conceived and written that it does not deserve a public. There is the Russian or other language comment that requires translation, usually revealing nothing intelligent, to me at least.

Comments and stats. Probably the carrots and sticks that keep bloggers going in the right direction toward honesty and relevance. I love ’em! Keep ’em all coming, the fiends and friends! The fresh! The frivolous!

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