The Affliction of These Terrible Dreams and Daily News Stories That Shake Us Daily: A Short Story

One morning this past week, I awoke from a strange dream. When one awakes in the middle of a dream, it is easily recalled. There was this great tree heavy with bark that had grown up in the middle of our house and was to be removed. A large part of the house was going to have to be torn apart to get it out. It was the mainstay of several floors and stood in the very middle of the house built around it. How were we ever going to repair the damage from lifting that great tree from the center, leaving a great hole? How could we ever rebuild after such a drastic demolition?

I pondered that dream for a long time as I lay there in a waking drowse.

Our habit every morning is to turn on the cable-connected tv on a shelf high on our bedroom wall, to catch the weather for the day and what’s going on in the world.

That morning there was a particularly strange series of stories.

In Seattle, a threesome of caped crusaders wandered the streets at night looking for trouble-makers, in order to right any wrongs they may see going on, whoever and whatever they could find. Being a big city, it offered an assortment of opportunities. Why did they do it, they were asked. Why did they wear such comic-book, batman- and superman-style costumes, they were asked. To clue to the police that they were the good guys, not the crime-ridden sleeze bags that prey on honest citizens in the dark of night.

The next story was about Ted Haggard who wants to revive his ministry. He is the evangelical preacher who had been caught in a homosexual relationship with a male-massage therapist in Colorado Springs. He was drummed out of his church for it, a very successful and large congregation of fundamentalist worshipers. He will say that in his million-dollar ministry in a new crystal palace, it is still an abomination for a man to lie with another man, but remember, do not do as I do, do as I tell you to do. That is the new ethic of this ministry, demonstrating the essence of “unethical” behavior.

Another story described the wild pigs which were tearing up lawns and attacking people in the South.

Next, a man visited a prison to meet the murderer of his family when he was a small boy. He had been carrying a great load of vivid images and intense hate for a very long time and wanted, finally, to unburden himself, in forgiving the murderer. Expiation?

That was the morning of the report about the calf that was born with two heads. Many “hows” and “whys” on that one.

There was my dream, another strange event. What was that all about? And then, insight, ah, yes. Of course. It became clear. My beloved has heart failure.


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