Too Many “NOW” People in Our Society, Especially in “High” Places

A man-child shows up at a political gathering in a politically backward state, pulls a gun, and shoots, killing and wounding a number of people. The “NOW” people are flustered, bewildered, muddled, perturbed, baffled, disconcerted, dazed, disoriented, or “punch drunk” with “NOW” events, the fog of “NOW”, the dense, dark, impenetrable “PRESENT”. People of “NOW” have little readiness for explaining the “PRESENT”, but in trying to make some sense of the social horrors seen every day in the news, people make up some shallow and silly sense of events, rationalizing some plausibility into the event that satisfies the NOW need to wrap happenings in a neat bundle to dispose of them out of mind. Thinking has been short-circuited; the sparks and the fire issuing therefrom are ignored, and a social good has been lost in the conflagration so sparked.

Many media people, the “NOW” people of the media, not all but most, will seldom, if ever, have the best, or even a good, explanation of that “NOW” event: “He was wearing a metal foil hat.” And such on and on. They are required to make immediate sense of a NOW event.

I am not thinking like a NOW person. I tend to want to penetrate a lot deeper concerning the PRESENT, and I believe I am on the right track to make a more sensible NOW by making more elaborate preparations for NOW beginning in the PAST. I am writing a book on that; a book-length opinion is required.


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