Palin, Yea, a Pandora Come to Judgment!

Jupiter, in proto history, declared to have planned for man a curse in the shape of a woman. Enraged by those who had stolen his fire, Jupiter fashioned a bewitching evil, and all the gods contributed something to her perfection, beauty, persuasive charm, music. The Jupiter of our time? John McCain. The gods making contributions? The tea-party and the Rush Limbaughs of the nether-world of political impotency, and others of a conservative persuasion, the publicans, accepted the gift, and named this Pandora, Sarah Palin.

The casket placed in her hands was the media pulpit, a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it, and she was the gift of all the gods, but she was forbidden by the gods of the campaign to open it and to make the pronouncements that only Jupiter could do. It was a mystery how we mortals had persisted without this woman, the gift of Jupiter. We had not learned to beware of Jupiter, who was exceedingly malevolent, wishing evil to his opponents arising from his intense, partisan hatred of the opposition party, but we were to worship him as was his right to be worshipped.

But, Lo! Palin became curious how the box would look if opened. One day, suffering from incurable curiosity about the opening prospect before her, she lifted the cover of the pulpit box and as she gazed into it, out rushed a multitude of plagues on the wretched who shuddered with the almost senstional pleasure of fright. Grandmas were cursed with death panels, and the divinatory prophecies of bull’s-eyes and the symbol of cross-hairs fell from her on the faithful worshippers below.

And Palin ruled! She never constructed any redeeming policy, just those that branded, denounced, stigmatized or condemned and deconstructed. Her society became one of guns and violence and death.

Envy, spite, revenge spewed from her and her minions. Only hope was left unspoken from that fateful pulpit.

Poor, Sarah! Can she be put back into the box of her creation?

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