Inventing the Provisional Speeding Ticket

GOTCHA! Speeding. Siren! Whirly red light. Da cops! Pull over! Now! First offense coming up! GOTCHA!

The object is to stop the speeding and clear the highways of scoff-laws.

SPEED KILLS! SPEEDERS KILL! What is a few minutes or a half hour, or even an hour worth? In lives lost? What’s the value in crash damages of saving an hour? Drivers need to be made to think about what they are doing every moment they are driving. It’s the JOB of all drivers.

Speed wastes fuel. Speed is the driver’s personality, out of control for the thrill of speed. A selfishness of very high EGO-borne disease, especially affecting everyone else traveling on the infantile scofflaw’s roadway.

My Proposal

At the speeder’s first stop, a ticket will be written that requires an appearance in court, where the fine is punitive. Then, the judge suspends the costs after the miscreant hears what the costs will be, but the judge reads what the costs will be after the second offense. The court warns the law-breaker of the penalty for any second offense — (some huge sum) — and one night in jail, and tripled at the next offense. That, or anything the writers of the law can think of to make the thought of speeding again WEIGH VERY, VERY HEAVILY on the mind of the speeder, a penalty that digs very deep into the memory of the speeder every time he or she slides into the driver’s seat behind the wheel. The speeder must have “FORETHOUGHT” installed in the brain. The driver must be required to see “CONSEQUENCES” in the future. The speed limit must always be looked for and obeyed! A very good habit. It’s “Get it!’ Or it’s “GOTCHA!

Perhaps firming up that habit of “lawfulness” will have a halo effect on all the other laws that drivers are subject to. Especially, for me a pet peeve, “Turn into the nearest lane, not the farthest lane!” People riding with me groan everytime I point out another person who does not follow the law on proper turns. Nearly every driver turns into the farthest lane, like it’s a law of nature. That driver’s test item should be remembered.

Here I am, teachy-preachy again. I’m not the perfect driver. But I keep trying. I am always shaking my didactic finger at myself as well as at you. But goody-goody has its rewards. My very good friend at age 21 went into his grave (many, many years ago), but I am still here. I believe I had the edge in that thing called “prudence”, the trait of staying aware of (paying close attention to) my (your) responsibilities. I like the term “prudence”, but it has more meaning than any definition, circumspection, discernment, discretion, heedfulness, sagacity, judgment. Behind the wheel of any heavy machine capable of bone- and car-crushing mayhem, such a trait is at a premium.

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