My Brush ( $$$$.¢¢ ) with Planned Obsolescence

I now have learned what “planned obsolescence ” is. Upclose and personal.

We have had trouble with our Whirlpool double-wall ovens. The panel that operates them, all electrical, no moving parts, became inoperable. A serviceman showed up, looked at the trouble and said we’d need a new panel. Pop out the old and plop in a new one. But the company no longer made replacements.

I remember hearing once long ago that a manufacturer is required by law to make replacement parts only for seven years after the original production. You see where this is leading.

So I, for want of a replacement panel, am now required to buy a brand new double oven. All of the large parts still work, in good condition. The panel is a small but important part of the whole. “For want of a nail, a shoe was lost….For want of a … a war was lost.” Remember that old saying?

Nice law! For whom? For the manufacturer, of course. Bad law! For me and the city dump, and the waste of natural resources.

I was told, put the old hulk on the front curb, and someone might take it. The installer will take it away for a fee.

What arbitrary authority decided that “seven years” is the useful life of all goods?! (“ARBITRARY” being another word for DICTATOR, tiberius claudius nero caesar augustus.) If there is any reasonable explanation, I would like to hear it.

There are villains in this piece!

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