Ed Schultz Dignifies Republicans

Ed, I like you. I know where you are coming from. I am a flaming liberal myself. But I was horrified that you would give tremendous and unwitting credit to the Republicans that they do not deserve at all, ever. You spoke out of ignorance of the meaning of “theory”. Most say this: “It’s JUST a theory.” Forgive them; they know not what they say! Do not feel bad about that because very few U.S. citizens do know; your misuse will generally go unnoticed so you are out of the woods. What you should have said is that they (Republicans) are merely speculating, like speculating that the moon is made of green cheese, or that the Earth is flat, like the Flat-Earth Society in England humorously asserts, and they are speculating with a ton of desire that their assertion be true.

A theory is a statement that accounts for all know facts, and after scientists have tried to falsify the statement, the statement either withstands the attack or falls by it, and, if it stands, is the most respectable statement one can make. Your use of that term is saying that the Republicans are operating on the facts that support their proposition:

“Relieving the tax burden on the very wealthy will create new jobs.”

I know that that goes back to the Ronald Reagan assertion of the trickle-down policy (called a “theory”) where we treat the wealthy well tax-wise and their crumbs will fall off that table and feed the poor, or the excess flow of their wealth will find its way to slake the thirst of the less fortunate.

But that’s all right because most people would not take what you said as wrong. The Tea-partiers would not have a clue. You did take one call that tried to set you straight, but even he did not get it correct. He said the Republican belief is a construct, an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances. Do you or anyone but Republicans believe that the Republicans can provide any support beyond their general idea that cutting taxes of the wealthy will creat new jobs? “Construct” my eye! “Theory” my eye! Speculation, guess, supposition, surmise, conjecture, yeah! Make those Republicans define the terms of their claim with suitable instruments and under specified conditions, as qualified theorists would have to do.

Ed, you have such a large audience, and probably more discerning than would the conservative talk-show hosts have — NOW THERE’S A SPECULATION FOR YA! — that you need to be more careful to prevent those Conservatives from undercutting you and quoting you in a way you did not mean.

(Note that the moment I said “probably”, I, minimally adequately hedging my speculation, covered my speculating butt. Eh? I am able only to cite my everyday, empirically derived observations, for what that’s worth. We know only that some are better judges than others. I guess I am begging to be trusted. Nothing more. I rest my case.)

What I am saying above can never be construed as powder to set off any Republican cannons. But we must be careful in our use of words that have clear cut meanings which the ignorant will misuse. I am criticising ignorance wherever I see it, regardless of my progressive viewpoint. Even among Democrats.

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