One Secret of a Long Life

I was reminded today that one secret for a long life is, in addition to basic to plus intelligence

— you cannot be dumb unless you are fortunate enough to have dumb luck along with your sub-par intelligence, and I suppose people who are capable of accessing this message and reading it have basic to plus smarts —

to have,

— as well as a further development of that intelligence through some systematic training and education —

a characteristic trait of long survivors.

Everyone is growing older, but not everyone will be old. To grow to be old requires PRUDENCE, something I have written about previously, as you may see.

I had a friend, a close buddy back in my early twenties. He was very smart. But he did not have the prudence to avoid driving smack into a mountain side in the early morning after driving all night in Arizona headed for Colorado.

I once rode with him in his Chevvy convertible. Early in th a.m. he was driving while I was sleeping in the back seat. I awoke to the car careening violently from side to side. I was thrown from side to side but not “out”. He had fallen asleep. I thought of that as I was traveling to his funeral. So young!

Where does prudence come from? I think I know, but I only know from observing people.

Prudence is, I believe, instilled in upbringing. Parents who show some freedom from any absolute control allow many opportunities for the child to experience “right judgment”, discretion in practical affairs from a basic permissiveness, control from a safe parental distance.

Giving the child choices, the child selecting choices, and the parent asking the child to assess the choice made. Not the parent telling the child the best choice the parent would have made, but analyzing through questioning how the best choice for the child was made. To me, that leaving the child to act, through a permissive parent, and to experience the effects of the choices made. I think prudence is taught inductively at a young age.

My friend did not have that because his aged mother did not have her husband to help bring my buddy through his early years. Maybe I am right. Maybe I am wrong. I am reasoning also from my own experience with a permissive mother.

I consider myself to be a prudent individual. I am old. I wish I could say what would give the young the electric ZAP that would instill the magic acts of judicious behavior.

As a Post-Script, I will add some additional “secrets” that I will not expand on at this time. I should not have entitled this “One Secret”. I keep cogitating on the subject and coming up with additional characteristics that would be a nice assistance, although “prudence” would provide a high octane energy to take one the furthest.

  1. One major prudent act is marriage! And, then in addition, these that would bring to marriage supreme results:
  2. empathy
  3. curiosity
  4. stamina
  5. sex education

    (regarding this one, I did not have it, and could have used it because I have recently seen some videos on that subject, called “Real Sex”, and I learned there is a great deal to be learned and a great deal that has not been taught, which I would call an American tragedy to be laid at the doorsteps of all the prudes we have in a vast majority of our fellow citizens–shame! shame! shame on them! All through the program I kept saying, “I should have known that! Why didn’t I learn that? I wish I had been taught early on about this!” This subject is a very large part of “prudence”. I was married 54 years, happily, but–)
  6. the work ethic (eschew laziness)
  7. Egalitarianism would prevent one from becoming the male, chauvinist pig, and the other a female chauvinist sow in the relationship. One sex is not superior to the other. Sex has a complimentarity: a relation between two opposite states or principles that together exhaust the possibilities

But I do not want to take anything away from the main point, being prudence, in all choices.

Beware of the Imprudent! The impudent IMPRUDENT will getcha if ya don’t watch out! Imprudence can take you down very quickly. Stop associating with the imprudent, or clue them in nicely, but be effective if you want to live and also associate with him or her or them! (There’s that old didactic finger wagging in your face again. But that’s me!)


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  1. thanks for the post..i really like it!

  2. Pretty good posting here,I never thought about that I will catch any information like that ,but your post really help me.Awesome things are sharing here.I like your post ,Now I am waiting for your next post.So keep writing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. I really like it because it is very informative aand as such can help us improve our healthy way of living. Keep going! 🙂

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