Environmental Architecture and the Tornadoes: Building for Natural Hazards

Creative and Environmentally Appropriate Architecture

I should not have to go beyond that title. It says it all.

And yet! Such architecture is little heard of. Those zany weather reporters, who show, in nearly every case, a complete lack of imaginative reporting, seem to me to always go for the stories of the pathos in the catastrophe for the victims. We all know that most weather reporters would rather do the stories away from the weather, like those I always see them carrying BECAUSE THE WEATHER BORES THEM. Like the head weather man, AL ROKER-Joker and his cartoon weather. He has a patent on the phrase, “—the weather in your neck of the woods”. If big Al had any imagination, he would make a big thing of people who actually live “in the neck of the woods”, and do something with it. But that’s my imagination working.

One reporter had one woman saying, “I just came out, and my house was just a pile of sticks.” They will have to rebuild. The replacement house will be nothing more than a well-organized pile of sticks. They might get the opportunity to play another game of pick-up-sticks because that will be the cheapest and only solution available, for want of any determination by the regulating government and the “I’ve-had-it!” home owner to say, “NEVER AGAIN!”

Environmental architecture will save lives and treasure, outwitting nature, just as we do in so many other technological ventures.

And don’t forget the coming FLOOD season!

Where there’s the grief, and Mother Nature’s the thief, show me the beef!

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