Bin Laden, Dead!

Bin Laden, Dead! Rah. Al Qaeda Lives On!

Everyone knows that cutting off the head of a snake leaves the lower nervous system in the body writhing, undirected by a brain, until it dies by lack of command. And so for Bin Laden.

There may be a backup command which will want to announce its accession to power. That announcement may go ballistic in a tirade against its enemies. US! And also go real ballistic to demonstrate its existence. They, as the successors, may try to out-Bin Laden Bin Laden. BUT, he suspected he might be going just as he did.

I had written a long essay on this but decided to take it down. I may be quitting my writing on this blog. Comments on my writing indicate I have been doing it well enough to keep it going.

I may be back. I do not know at this time. The well has not gone dry. It’s just something else.


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