Release the Photos of Osama bin Laden?

Release the Photos of Osama bin Laden?

Yes! Definitely! It is an equality issue. We are all equal in a democracy, politically speaking. Those in command have seen the photos. We who are not in command are still the equals of those in command, not in their arts of command, but in their responsibility for command, ours being a political responsibility. Otherwise are we their inferiors of some knd? Do we need their protection from the enemies that our boys in the field of battle face every day? We, on the homefront, are equally in the battle against those forces that would defeat us, those boys and girls being our surrogates. What happened to the phrase stressing our democratic relationship, “We are all in this together”? Is that an empty emotion, devoid of meaning? Do not we bear responsibility for their actions? Do we not share the horrors of their exposure to the actions of our enemies? Need we be insulated from the grimness? Are we to remain at home civilian softies as “we” prosecute a war against vicious, hooded, murderers hiding in a non-combatant population of innocent civilians (regardless of where the sentiments lie)?

What superiority do you claim to stand on? Whose sensitivities, which you deem inferior, are you so quick to protect? Are we “commoners” a bunch of wimps? Are we persons who lack confidence, are irresolute and wishy-washy non-entities, people of no consequence to the way of the war?

If I were standing in the presence of the decision makers on this issue, I would be respectful, but I would not toady, kowtow, and flatter. I would speak my mind, not minimize myself in the presence of “rank”: Bring down on us what we all share, RESPONSIBILITY, that for what our armed defenders, and heroes, have done in our name and for us! We stand with them! As equals! We should see what horrors we are able, i/e., simply, the picture!


POST SCRIPT 5-4-2011

I have heard many reactions voiced in the media to the question of releasing the photos after President Obama decided to withhold them. Some reasons were rather persuasive against the release, such as the use by bin Laden lovers for the purposes of any propaganda that might endanger American servicemen’s lives. But I maintain that ours is a nation of open records and transparency.

I would prefer that we not do what one church has done. I understand that the Vatican has in its great library a very large collection of literature that the Church calls “profane”, a word which means “for the church’s eyes only”. They ostensibly have this huge collection for the education and “sophistication” of its priests, so that in the confessional services the celibate priesthood will not react with ignorance of what they may hear in confessions.

With our government withholding the photos, we must have growing within our federal government a very large library collection of politically “profane” documents for the eyes of government people only, giving those personnel an advantage over non-privileged citizens. Secrets among officials can require the rest of us to TRUST our servants. I am sure such a state of affairs does not make a healthy, democratic environment.

“Trust me, buddy. I know things I cannot tell you. Classified, you know.” (Profane)

“Then how am I to make a wise descision as a citizen in a democracy?”

“Just trust me. I know best.”

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