2012, The Next National Election with the Donkeys and the Elephants

Why are the Democrats the donkeys, and why are the Republicans the elephants? There may be a history in the selection of those emblems. I do not know it. I will ignore it. But I must account for it, somehow, for I still have those questions.

To answer those questions, consider the status quo, as I see it. I must see those symbols for what they are, true representations of the ideological Democrat and the ideological Republican. I will invest them with my meaning. They are special designs, visual objects representing a quality, type, group, etc., labels to be taken seriously because those parties are probably proud of the identifying symbols which they have chosen and which they live by: visible symbols that must represent abstract ideas that are begging the question of the meaning invested in them. I will invest them with the meaning that I have derived from their behavior over the past election cycles. (My first take is the fat cat against the little guy? The bloated against the scrawny?)

Why do the Republican choose to be seen as a huge, heavy and mighty beast with dangerously long tusks, weapons that can tear up and penetrate things in killing rampages when provoked? They also can perform in circuses with beautiful ladies straddleing their necks, a beauty and the beast juxtaposition, which is always a dramatic contrast. But they also may go rogue.

Why is the Democrat symbolized as a workaholic animal, a willing beast of burden working for food and shelter and close companion to people who use them to do the heavy lifting and hauling, at times suffering the beatings of hummin beans with no appreciation or empathy. From the beginning of husbandry, the donkey was a part of “horsepower” that carried a load of horsepower proportions. The mighty worker, Donkeypower.

The bloated owner-capitalists and the workers. Are they living up to their emblems? Do those visible images represent the abstract ideas of their association? I believe they do.

Just now, as we enter a new national and presidential campaign season, I see the beginnings of the game the Elephants want to play. It is called “pin the tale on the Donkey”. For this game, the Republicans nail the image of a Donkey on the wall. Then they blindfold the Elephant party candidate, aim him or her toward that wall, and watch the fun begin as each candidate in turn approaches the wall to pin the tale on the image they know is on the wall somewhere.

The larger target is the Elephant. Though unseen by the Donkeys, the pinning of the tale will come closer to the truth because with such great size of its wealth and ownership of business enterprise, most pinnings will hit a very large target of opportunity. How can they miss?

As it usually turns out, not one candidate gets it right because they cannot see through the blindfold of their own image-ideology. The voters who will decide between them can only sit on the side and laugh at the fun.

The truly funny thing is that some of the Donkeys will, by some quirk, award the placements of the tale closer to the truth by the Republicans than the placements of the tale by the Donkeys on the image of the Elephant.

What do you think is the moral of that party game?

(I have the feeling more can be done with those two emblems than I have done. I’ll cogitate on that possibiity.)

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