A Simplification of the Politics-Economy Interface between Political Parties


Our two political parties are, at the base, parties of the economy issues. Economic issues are growths invading the tissues of political issues. Political leaders have to be surgeons to explain the prognosis of any political problem surviving an economic scalpel.

General Welfare is the basic political economy of the Democrats: GENERAL PUBLIC. This “welfare” has a Capitalized presence in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. It is a Social Contract given, the contract that ties us all within the U.S. boundaries and territories together. That part implies, “We are all in this together.” Not YOYO. (You’re on your own.) Everyone benefits, the poor and the wealthy. But you know the poor will be the prime beneficiaries because they need so much more, especially in the general welfare providing for education, health care, security, sanitation and so on.


That is the basic political economy of the Republicans: PRIVATE. They can take from the general welfare if they wish, but their need to do that is almost non-existent. What they take is the elements of general welfare that they do not have to provide out of their private wealth, which is the infrastructure and security, which help them to generate and keep the fruits of their enterprise without having to build the roads and rails and support the armies and police that protect their safety.

The Owners and the Workers

If you break down our political system into two main parts, the owners of business enterprises need the federal government for different forms of support, as distinguished from the needs of the non-owners, or workers in those business enterprises.

One fact is, there are more workers in the population than there are owners. The workers should be favoring the party that wants to create more general welfare benefits for them, benefits that the more wealthy owners can easily provide for themselves with more highly specialized care in education and health. To me, that is a fact of nature, unquestionable.

If there is one vote for one person, then the more numerous votes should be coming from the workers who rely on the government provisions for general welfare.

The Two Political Parties

The government favored by the more wealthy would be one that favors the maximization of profits for all enterprises. “We profit-takers are all in this together.” The system is called the capitalistic system, and their political association to achieve their purposes has the name, “Republican”.

The government favored by the more needy of general welfare provisions is the one that provides benefits in the basics for staying healthy and improving skills and abilities. That system is called a social welfare system, providing upward mobility and the hope of achieving wealth.

It’s the difference between the penthouse and the stairway to the penthouse.

Let me inject the fact that the largest business-owner class is not the large business owner. The largest segment of all business owners is the small business owner, like the shop keeper. I never have been a business owner. I have only been a worker, in industry and education. So you might say, rightfully, “What in the hell does he know?” Well, I can read. I can read the right stuff. And I can patronize all levels of business and observe, astutely. I know people in big business and small, and they talk. So I have experience and an ability to analyze it.

But there are the wealthy distinguished from the enlightened wealthy. Some wealthy have realized that there is “enough” wealth. And other wealthy folks cannot stop amassing wealth by every means possible, and there is, for those, never “enough” of the stuff. That becomes then an “ego” need, having to have it, not for fundamental survival, a life and death thing, but for some kind of “selfie” satisfaction.

The maximization of profits can attain a functional autonomy. That is, the original motive was to become wealthy through private enterprise. However, when that motive achieved its goal, the motive became a drive continuing the accumulation of wealth upon wealth autonomous in its altered need for wealth, becoming wealth for wealth’s sake, beyond the original motive. The motive became a drive. That could be called, having wealth is okay but “greed is good”. Greed buys the goods of the super-wealthy. It’s millionaire, multi-millionaire and on to the billionaire class.

What is the point of injecting the profit motive into health care, for instance, if it is to make the lives of the workers (non-owners) more expensive in attaining health? Doctors are now beginning to refuse to take on Medicare patients, and they are also beginning to set up patients in “concierge” practices that require a set amount for the year to be paid in advance for access to a certain doctor. It is get the government out and capitalism in for maximizing the profits beyond general welfare standards.

All who have a “workers” interest in the Preamble-promised general-welfare guarantee that

and reject the principle of
should carefully consider which political party has your best interests at heart.

I believe that I have adequately and accurately described a fundamental difference between the political parties, a difference that should influence every vote in the next election for prsident. In that decision, we will see a majority vote for, or against, the General Welfare of this United States society

I have only one vote. I have this means of expressing myself. For all those reasons for my conclusions, I, and as I would judge for all workers, and for enlightened capitalists, see no benefits for voting with the greed-capitalists in the Republican party. Rather I can only vote for the party with a “General Welfare” agenda for policy- and law-making, the Democrat candidates.


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