A Potential Political Conspiracy? Could Be!

I am not a conspiracy theorist, BUT…

I have not ever thought in terms of conspiracies standing behind and explaining great events in our national life. A conspiracy is a cabal agreeing on a plan of action to disrupt, destroy, overturn, undermine some law, or regime, or policy, or activity.

I do not usually see conspiracies at the bottom of all that I consider bad. Mostly, I see the ignorance of the public in making choices to serve better their interests rather than follow some ideology promulgated by a political party platform.

Conspiracies generally seem to be some minority agreeing among themselves to bring some plan of action to fruition in order to gain the power they desparately need to become the majority party. The plan of action must be undercover because the action probably might appear to be wrong, shameful, dishonest, dishonorable, cowardly, or brutish, way beyond simple demagoguery, to achieve some end, such as winning an election. Covert action is the best way to make something bad seem good and natural and desired.

Recently, the “birther” conspiracy gained credibility among people who hated the President.

I remember when President Roosevelt was accused of “inviting” the attack on Pearl Harbor by ignoring credible information reported about threatening Japanese military movements in the South Pacific. Certain historians wrote about the president’s culpability, which on further consideration proved to be untrue. It was said that the President wanted to bring on a war as a way out of the economic doldrums the nation was in.

Collusion, which always has a negative connotation, in a plan is a secret understanding with the intent to accomplish some bad end that cannot be accomplished by open and honest means. Damaging Obama to get him defeated in the next election. Damaging the reputation of President Roosevelt to get him defeated in the next election.

A Current Conspiracy Possible

I am going to pose the emergence of a political conspiracy.

Fact one, we are coming into an election cycle for electing a president, after four years of the Obama administration.

Fact two, the Republicans are out of power in the Administration and Congress.

The third fact is that the Republican Party is composed of people who subscribe to the conservative right ideology, having an overriding preference for unfettered capitalism in business and industry, for the purpose of amassing ever increasing wealth for owners and corporations. And I might add, for the representatives of the people who need big bucks for winning re-election.

Another fact is that the machines of business and industry, mass production lines, and other automated devices along with computerization, providing ever greater efficiencies, are taking manual labor more and more out of any workplace. The work force is diminished in numbers. The machines need maintenance, but they do not organize and make salary and benefits demands.

A fifth fact is true: the owners are sending manual labor to other nations where people work for much lower wages. Called outsourcing, an invention of management to maximise those wealth gains from cheaper labor, unemployment is increased by this fact.

A sixth fact is that a conservative party win at the polls will, I say definitely, eventuate in a win for government deregulation of business and industry, lowering the numerous costly measures for guaranteeing the health and safety of workers and consumers on the job, in the home, and in society generally. They want to win at all costs, at the cost of the health and safety and education of U.S. citizens, in the cities and towns and on the farm, all for the bottom line. Who knows how far they will take their ideology, to the first responders to natural disasters, to infrastructure repair, to the privatization of most government functions, too numerous to list here?

Fact: The workers have a party that opposes the capitalists and their ideology of emaciated government and corporations fattened by privatization of all government acts possible. The Republicans view the Democrats as socialists. The manner in which the Democrats make our government machinery serve the needs of millions of people might be considered a socialization of the major factors embedded in the “General Welfare” language of the Preamble to our social contract, education and good health and fair taxation and workers’ rights and safe environments and air and food and functional infrastructure and — well, you get the idea — that may be called an enlightened socialism. I do not mind that label. It works for me. The government can do it better and cheaper by the very fact that the government does not have a profit motive boosting the costs. We have seen that bad result in private enterprise payments to their golden-tower and golden-parachute CEOs, COTBs, etc. The recent health-care example is a case in point. The opposition must be saying to themslves, “DAMN! We missed a great opportunity to make a killing in that enterprise!” (soto voce, “But just wait ’til we take over coming up!”)

Fact Eight: Collective bargainng by labor is seriously under attack, and has been lost in a couple of cases. More states and the federal government executive, judicial, and legislative branches must be controlled to win the battles against union power to influence corporations and other economic enterprises.

The ninth fact is that the U.S. Supreme Court has defined the corporation as another individual like the one-person-one-vote individual, for purposes of the moneyed support of candidates who speak the capitalistic (increasing-ownership-wealth on the bottom line) ideology.

Fact Ten: To hire the unemployed is in the hands of the conservatives of business and industry. That choice will test their empathy for the unemployed against their profit motive and loyalty to the conservative ideology. The latter, it appears to me, will beat out the former every time. And that may be the basis of a conspiracy among them.

CONCLUSION: Those facts support a political advantage for the conservatives in the Republican Party as long as the jobless rate remains HIGH.

What’s the conspiracy I see?

The issue of “joblessness” is the Trojan Horse, brought into every courtyard of debate by the Republicans to attack the Democrats for their failure to solve that joblessness issue, after the Republicans have conspired to prevent the legislation that offers solutions to the problem. That is the nature of the conspiracy of the Republicans. They successfully conspired to defeat collective bargaining for unionized workers in Wisconsin, in which the workers lost the Constitutional right to peacefully assemble. I am certain they have found in that scheme to keep HIGH the number of people without jobs by refusing to enact job-creation plans, such as the formation of a new infrastructure bank, a certain way to cause the Democrats to lose the next election for the presidency.

All the economic interests of the owners and corporations can be served by keepng “joblessness” high: to irritate Pres. Obama’s constituents enough to cause him and his party to lose the next election. (See fact ten.)

The Republican party line will be this: “Elect us, and watch the jobless rate go down and improve markedly under a Republican government. The Republican policies are the only ones that can and will raise the number of new jobs to make the U.S. prosperous again.”

They will, I say, collude, with the secret understanding that they will only do under a Republican administration, to make the U.S. economy vibrant again, what they just as well could do under a Democrat majority if they wished to cooperate. In effect, they will let the economy and the people suffer many hardships until they rule the roost. They have the ownership power that the Democrat party does not have.

It may be. It could be. I think they have a vested interest in keeping these times BAD for workers. And it seems to me that the workers who vote Republican will vote against their own best interests, seduced in some strange way by the Republican ideology.

I believe our nation should aim for ever higher levels of health and education, and that will only be possible under the Democrats because much of the millions for funding health and education programs and policies will not be siphoned off in profits for the owners. MORE FACTS: The Democrats are government people. The Republicans are capitalistic, for-personal-profit, anti-government people.

I leave you with these questions: Can unemployment be manipulated? Is unemployment/joblessness a variable within the control of an ideology of a political party? Are unemployment rates and corporate profits co-variates? And how could that be? I do not know the full import of what I am asking here. I could use some help.


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