A Valentine’s Day Message, Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is not all emotion and secretions, as the scientific view would have it. No, love also has, in my opinion, an intellectual component. Emotion is something that is triggered, stimulated instantly by certain visual, olfactory, tactile, aural, and where chocolate or coffee, etc., is concerned, taste or gustatory, perceptions.
Love will be a part of all modalities alone or in concert.

BUT! I believe the mind brings something intellectual to the love perception. Memories. Personalities. The internal monologue of mind and love as you narratize it in language, a poem, a greeting, a pet name or names, special talk, frequency of talk, saying it infrequently or frequently, loudly, or whispered with light breath close or mouthed afar across a great distance, lips to be read, a wink, a nod, a creative phrase, a bit of wit, where you go unbeknownst in a drive away, a surprise, of course the trinket, wrapped or not, a momentary help out in the kitchen, going to a knee to emote, a gesture, a wave across the crowded room, a song memorized for the occasion.

Try “So in Love” by Cole Porter.

(from “Kiss Me Kate” 1948)

Or play that song, sung by Kiri Te Kanawa, backed by the
New World Philharmonic
CDQ 5 55050 2
EMI Records Ltd 1994

Notice, in every phrase and line and stanza the slightly quickened beat of your heart. Tap it out as you sing. (I hope you know the melody!) There is no more perfect love song in the world than this melody and lyric. Make that song the theme song of your affair of the heart, your love.

There is a strong intellectual component of love, by what you say and do.

Remnisce about your relationship on this special day. Re-live every great moment you can recall of it. Look ahead to the things you want to do. Make this a mental love. The other stuff will follow. At least one kiss?

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