Why Was This Nation of the United States of America FORMED?

I know why. I will tell you why, I hope within one week from now (Thursday, 7-19-2012) depending on your response. I will not write another word on this blog until I get at least 20 (twenty) responses to that question, as a comment. If you know why, then I want you to tell me how or where you got the answer.

I would bet that no one will try to write an answer, and that no one will get it right. Because I believe that there is a correct answer and there is a correct place to look for the answer and that nobody will get it right.

Why would I bet against people trying, and against people getting it right? I just feel that nearly everybody in this nation has not had that question of such a first principle of government put to them. Also, a high percentage of the population, I am guessing, while professiong a great love for this country, remains indifferent to its finer principles.

If you have read the above, the responsibility is on you, not to prove me wrong in my speculation, but to prove yourself loyal to the meaning of what it means to be a citizen, understanding this nation’s first principles. I am sure, if one gets it right, then everyone following will get it right.

Not One Person Able to Answer the Question — My Answer Following

The U. S. Constitution contains the answer, saying why the nation was formed, but one part of the original document is much overlooked. I do not know if the Preamble has much standing when any court is looking for the constitutionality of any proposed legislative action, my not being a Constitutional scholar of any formal standing, but I can read! And think! And reason!

I believed that I would get at least one try at an answer to the question I posed. If everyone knew why this government and nation was formed, many everyday questions might be answered.

To form a more perfect union.

To establish justice.

To insure domestic tranquility.

To provide for the common defense.

To promote the general welfare.

To secure the blessings of liberty.

Perfecting the union means amending as we go along, subtracting the bad and adding the good, progression to a more perfect union. Progress is what we want and must have. Someday, will we have the government at a high level of perfection? I believe, NEVER! Why “never”? Times are always changing. Government must remain adaptable and may never become perfectly adapted. Perfection is only momentary. “To form a more perfect union”? Law-makiong and policies continue to change because of “progress” in all phases of public and private life. Any candidate must show that she or he is up to the unsettled present and propose action to solve all of society’s “current” problems. I am writing a book that will increase the “perfection” quotient of this country., but it will advocate a big change. Those who prefer a settled condition will fight it. They will be called the “conservatives”. The “progressives” will evaluate and give the proposal a fair evaluation because they have a readiness to look at progress.

The justice you can have in any individual case submitted to the process of adjutication is carefully scrutinized for any unlawful point of all proceedings, no star chambers, no back room deals, only pure and fair decisions. That was quite a change from British procedures.

Strict policing to keep the peace and weed out the miscreants shooting up and knocking down. And a military force set to turn back outside militants?

General Welfare, however, is the most difficult for folks to understand. This stands behind what many in a certain political party want to undermine, in order to balance the budget. What is more “General Welfare” than a citizenry that is healthy and educated? that has fine roads to drive and walk on? that has clean water and air? that has a food supply that has been inspected for contaminants? that has an economical, not-for-profit messaging system for common use? Who is going to spray the common grounds of the city to control the mosquitos that bring deadly diseases? Or plow the streets in winter? Those capitalists who would never acknowledge all those services that made their industry possible, like they did it all alone with no outside help?

The Genral Welfare list is very, very long, and it benefits billionaires running for high office, driving around in their posh autos on the General Welfare paving, as well as the desparately poor, with hands out for a hand up.

The Preamble!!! The most important paragraph that sets the basic reasons why the nation exists. All of the rest derives from those beginning words. “We are going to make a nation here. What will it stand for? Its basic aims? Its reason for being? To make it different from any other on Earth at this time?”

I focus especially on the “General Welfare” language when I criticize the party that specializes in focusing on “special welfare”, saying, give us more wealth, in the form of tax breaks, and freedom from regulation because we spread the wealth as we create more jobs. When they are told that they did not create those industries by themselves, they proceed to ignore all that the government has provided that made those industries possible, a great part of which was the infrastructure and public services paid for by taxes on every citizen of the nation. The General Welfare is the social welfare of social security, on which the Special Welfare people hang the label of “Socialism” as a mark of Cain. (We do have a number of “socialized” entities in this land, and we love them. The postal service. Public education.) How can those people be so dim-witted about the General Welfare blessings showered on everyone in this nation? The Preamble. The true brain of our social contract sets the democratic tone, while all the rest is the flesh, bone and guts.

Every endeavor has to begin with General Welfare in mind as a first consideration, the kick-off principle. If it doesn’t, the planner has to be thinking criminally.


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    • I am simply asking you a question: Why was this nation formed as the “United States of America”????
      Can you tell me why? I believe that the answer is hiding in plain sight. Have you never been asked that question? (J.F.D.)

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