Reasoning About God

I am a non-believer. But, since I lost my wife, I wanted to be a believer. Elsewhere on one of my blogs I said that God is the invention of people in trouble, or about to be in trouble. I wanted to ask someone to bring her back to me.

The way most believers conceive of God, he—-

God has gender? He is represented as taking the human form. So God was created as a male, a father! But all that is for artists’ rendering. Otherwise, how would you paint God? Probably as a Dali shwash. A puff of smoke, or mist? A burning bush!

Most believers conceive God as omnipotent, omniscient. Everywhere, omnipresent. As such, he would– maybe I should refer to God as “it”, no gender, as I would a “force”, a higher power. But most true believers see him as a human form, speaking their language–but of course, he is multilingual. He would know who I was before I was. He would know my fate before I had any inkling. If that is true, then he would have seen that I would lose my wife at a certain time in my future, how it was to happen, and he may have caused it for some reason only he would know, and for me to find out. He had a foregone conclusion; it was his plan for me, and her. And he has done that for every human being he has created. He is the great chessmaster making moves on his universal chessboard. Of course, the naïveté of most who are thinking of their higher power could be corrected if they could only bring some reason to bear on the subject. But as a matter of faith, reason plays no part and unreason is permissible.

What is reason? Reason is the balancing of alternatives. However, where God is concerned, there are no alternatives but one simple choice: it is God or the Devil, in Hell. Only one. That is what faith is, unreason. It does not give you two legs to stand on. Leave faith alone! Subjecting faith to reason is blasphemy, irreverant disrespect. So, you may think me all of that. I only mean to state what is reasonable, any alternative view, where the issue of God comes up. And to me, suffering a grievous loss, it does fly in my face by believers. How am I to answer their solemn, sympathetic pats on the back with those words of reassurance? I just thank them. But I am tempted. And I regret when I do start any question.

The Plan (If There Is One)

Either the great chess-master, or he takes a laissez-faire approach to human life. That is, hands off. He provided a brain with self-consciousness. The plan is to wind up this invention of nature and see how it runs according to some plan human devised, as a product of that tool of a brain, its self-consciousness and its power of reason within its mind and brain.

Gradually it developed the ego to make itself independent of any tribal or communal habit which has been adopted by most of Earth’s animal forms, gaggles, herds, etc. The brain will produce society, science, and some self-destructive habits like war and hate. Also, it could have reproductive sex, love-controlled sex, or casual and non-selective sex, as three choices for building character and something called family. That sounds like something that would constitute a part of any plan a higher power would reasonably conceive.

But the higher power, to whom people would pray for assistance and guidance, already knows the outcome and the choices that will be made, or what is omniscience for, anyhow? Would a higher power of such unEarthly intelligence desire to create a place where the failures are cast to suffer eternal burning without actually burning up, as if for some Godly retribution for failing the ideal of the plan which it knew in advance would happen? Thus was created a heap for irregular pieces, broken somehow in the manufacturing process, seconds, flawed, tossed. Recycled?

How about inventing a concept of a higher power that can resolve its dilemma according to a different plan that is not so fraught with contradictions.

Maybe we are just its experimental forms being tested for some future eden, nirvana, Shangri-la

I am doing my share by writing something that will improve aspects of a plan. My aim is to improve reason, and how human beings will use it.

I’ll run this up the flag pole and see who salutes, or who will tear the tattered ensign down.

I wish there were the higher power of a God. I might ask for the special favor of a miracle to bring my wife back, or to be assured I would see her again, soon.

But existentialism teaches me the anguish to be suffered by existentialists (although I am not sure of the full import of their belief. I know they speak a lot about a terrible nausea in the plight of the existentialist.)

The faith of the true believer does function well to get the aggrieved past those terrible feelings of great losses, such as I am going through now. I do not have their comfort, as much as they wish it for me. I enjoy discussing this subject with people to constantly test my unbelief. There is nothing after death but death. But the plan goes on, and future babies will be made, and life goes on. It is for them that we must improve reason. Some reasoning in current events is so flawed that I fear for future babies. So, I am writing my book about that, for I have something to say about that.

P.S. 12-22-2012 — Saturday

I have to say, again, after the mass killing of children, I have heard a great number of clergy-types speak as if they have a direct communication line to the higher power of a deity, and I am condemning them under my breath vociferously for their hubris, over-weening pride and self confidence, arrogance — they speak as if they are god speaking, not just as mouthpieces for god! Something in the scriptures written for god has given them the power to speak the mind of god, they must believe, as if they are god. “That is not god’s work.” “God did not do that!” “-did not want that!” And so on. They go too far, carried away by their own extreme prejudgment.

They probably mean well, but they do make a good living out of it as shepherds of a large flock of tithers. They only say what they think the people want to hear. I may be wrong about all of that, but do you sincerely believe that they are speaking what a god has given them from the thoughts coming out of that god’s head?

Do human beings need that special interlocutor?

Is he or she a minstrel singing the folk songs that a people are very familiar with and want to hear over and over again? On that minstrel level I can understand because religion is, to me, like a number of old songs with familiar tunes, melodies, and words of homely import, significance, a joy to hear, both melody and sentiment, the comfort of the very familiar. The child and the favorite snuggle doll. On that basis, I can understand.

I have the same with my departed wife, her typical gestures in smiles and phrases, and without those I’d be utterly lost. I am in tears most of the time. I wish there were some higher power which had the power to create a universe like the myths of a heaven. Perfect joy for all human life in “his” created universe, humans as angels seemed to be within the powers attributed to Him, by all those religious minstrels. What was god’s plan?

(Maybe I should start capitalizing the word “God”, the capitalized “God” in the dictioary. After all, that is correct English, and I do not need to make a statement by not capitalizing the word, but to speak, in no uncertain terms of the higher power, or deity, of Him Whom I will speak. Also, my habitual swear words, a habit I am endeavoring to change, are “God damn!” Why would I, a nonbeliever, invoke the powers of the grand deity to come down on the head of someone or to interfere in some event not going my way? (Then, so be it! Stop that form of cussing! But that old habit will die hard. Damn!)

Probably to make them earn it by reasoning their way out of their plight, in the given perils of this universe. There will be no special dispensations by miracle. The minstrels do not sing the lays of salvation by reason, do they? By science? By education of everyone to the highest level, at least everyone through to the end of the tertiary level, recognizing the fact of the ultimate complication of the universe past the level of secondary education?


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  1. Fantastic goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re
    just too fantastic. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you’re saying and
    the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining
    and you still care for to keep it sensible. I cant wait to read much more from you.

    This is really a tremendous site.

  2. One of the main reason’s I believe in a higher power is because of the absence of transitional species in the fossil record. If Darwin’s theory is correct there should be a superabundance of transitional species in the fossil record…there are none.

    • Darwin is the one higher power taking advantage of the character of our universe,
      containing decipherable intelligence, with the greater difficulty of science.
      Either that or the universe is naught but dumb happenstance. I would have to point
      out that we have what is called “progress” derived from decipherable intelligence.
      “Decipherable intelligence” is my phrase, which I made up because there must be something
      imbedded in all elements and compounds, matter, that can be manipulated, as matter. Hence,
      the opposable thumb. And so, reason began its manipulations. It makes sense to me and
      contains my sense of reality and a higher power. The alternative is “dumb happenstance”,
      which explains everything in terms of accident. Faith and/or belief is not the only “plan”,
      but those qualities did not guide Darwin. His intelligence, reason, balanced alternative
      explanations of the formation of bird bills appropriate for the nature of the plant and its seed.
      Then millions of similar co-occurrences. Now that is a higher power I can see and understand. Do I think I have
      “faith” in reason? “belief” in reason? Faith and belief can await the solutions of dumb happenstance,
      but I would prefer the solutions of reason applied to work of deciphering what probably is there
      to be learned or revealed. Science is a higher power whose works are evident everywhere.
      To me, if there is a God, the plan is his to provide, not dumb happenstance, but decipherable
      intelligence requiring work. It’s not the asky-gimme of prayer and patient waiting, or the hope for
      miracles. A miracle to me is everything going according to plan, that of decipherable intelligence

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