Spelling Eroars on My Bolgs

If you want to make a criticism on any of the essays on my blogs, please repeat the word or sentence that you found incorrect, as any good critic would do..

FOR INSTANCE: What word was misspelled? I have some typos, I suppose, because I have poor hunt-and-peck typing, not touch typing.
I use my nose sometimes, and othertimes my elbow. I feel like a fool when I do it. It’s an old habit and I am old. I always re-read and try to fix spilling errors. But then I am blind in one eye and do not have binocular vision. There are other causes, too, too numerous to list, all stemming from my 98 years of living on Earth.

Are you a regular reader here? I apologize. I have made fun about your touching on my spelling. I know how to spell. I use the dictionary quite often and tear out each page on which I have looked to correct an error, just so I never again get that word worng again. I have taught some of those who wrote verses for the Bible to stop using the word “doth”, a very poor habit. I do not know why those comments about my spilling keep coming up when I pride myself on my spilling and want always to be correct, which is always a service to the reader and easier to read. I actually won a spilling contest once at the age of five. I was one of those precious kids who could read a book at the age of ten.

My time is precocious and I do not know why
I am talking all this time to write about misspellt words. This is me being dumb.

I would like to teach critics good criticism!
In this case, good criticism would call for the critic, that’s you the reader, to point out the error or fault, tell where it is, and suggest a correction.

If that were done, I think I would find that, in nearly every case, I had committed a “typo”, or an error not of spelling but of key-hetting.

I have had too many of those comments about spelling. Actually, if you had my view, reading every comment and approving or disaproving each, you would say that there are very few commontators who know good English; either that or they just do not care to slow up, re-read and then correct their errors — taking some care for, and pride in correct writing.


P.S. That was a big put-on, of purposely spelling words incorrectly, a lot of in-your-face drollness. Did you get the precious-precocious switch? The thing is, nearly all my mistakes are “typos”, a clumsy use of the keyboard and not proofreading. A mistake in “spelling” would be spotted by me instantly, and corrected. The way some people accuse me of a high frequency of words spelled wrongly. (No, that– “spelled wrongly”– is an error, not of spelling, but one of “diction’, or, incorrect word choice is, to me, unbelievable. That is why I want them to point to errors in detail, if they are so offended. Then they should point to the specifics of the error. Where is it? I vow to turn out the best of grammar and diction everytime I turn out an essay.

The errors in the comments are overlooked by me. There are many reasons why some comments are poor in English grammar and diction. The chief cause is that the native language of the writer is not English. But they will make comments and I am happy to read and make sense of them. If I had to write in German, not my native language, I would probably commit errors, too. Or it would take a longer time to make the comment and get it right. My German has gotten quite “rusty”. I believe in “self expression” and, even though I am a stickler in any matter of good form, I would rather have the attempt at self expression to be placed ahead of good form, unless the form is interfering with understanding to a great extent.

(All grammatical errors above were intentional, for rhetorical effect, as you probably had suspected, but I had the feeling that you might not have suspected that intention of mine. You never know. Or should I not have explained, and given you the benefit of the doubt? I dither here.)
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