Our Global Conscience?

Conscience is a moral and ethical system internalized in the human organism to prevent ungoverned acts. Criminals have lost it somewhere along the way, the thinking ethic, the reasoning ethic. There is that old bearded guy in the stars and stripes costume, and he is U.S. The conscience habit had a momentary twitch.

U.S. sees bodies. Baby bodies stacked like cordwood foaming at the mouth. Very still infants wasted on … Who else sees them and feels the sting of a needle making its way through the body? Thread that needle and repair the torn ethical fabric that ought to be in there somewhere. How was it missed?

Only seen by U.S.? Yes. War weary U.S. Conscience fatigue draining our treasury. Like we cannot afford to have the conscience that keeps prodding us to “DO something!” If not U.S., who? Syriasly! Kid bodies. Chemicaled by the boss man himself who “owns” his people and can do anything he desires with them, a dictator’s toys. HIS KIDS! Conscience gassed everywhere.

The global conscience? Well, at least we made the grand gesture by simply hinting at a response.

We have a screw loose, somewhere. Does democracy have anything to do with that? I think so. It is called representative democracy with party politics. More politics than democracy, I’d say.

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