On the Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriages

As soon as I turned on the TV this morning (Wednesday, 6-26-13) and heard what our U. S. Supreme Court had decided about gay marriage, finding the California Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, I felt the fever of an essay coming on. I had many questions brought on by this decision. Now, everyone’s consciousness has been rather suddenly RAISED.

Equality today has a new dimension, as directed by the supreme arbiters in the court of last appeal, except the voice of the people and how they will reflect the supremacy of the Court’s judgment. A new sensitivity has been injected into the blood stream of life in the United States. The Court has overturned the decision of politicians in California who sought to define marriage as a legal bond between opposite-sex couples, that marriage between same-sex couples is illegal, not having all the benefits that go to opposite-sex couples.

Today’s report of the decision by the Supreme Court of the U.S.A. is earth-shattering. We now must look at marriage bonds between two people that do not hinge on sexual orientation. Earthshaking, indeed! To be recognized nationwide, and by every mind that exists in the population of the United States. I think that will also go out to minds of other nations and cultures as well

I am not gay. So I will have some questions. In such a same-sex marriage, who is the wife and who is the husband? Will those designations have to be dropped? Does it matter anymore? Will “wife” or “husband” be terms relevant only to opposite-sex marriages? There is that question now of nomenclature and the getting of children. How will we know which person has the father role and which has the mother role. Are those designations now irrelevant except for those marriages of opposite-sex couples?

The whole science of sexual orientation has to answer so many questions that are cultural. “Culture” I have defined as “code sharing”. Now that equality, justice, fairness and the equal protection of the law has defined and made prominent a new cultural community which has a new legal standing and with which all U.S. citizens will and must interact and share codes, the nomenclature, the system of words used to define and describe the new cultural community, must be made known nationwide.

The same process concerning the black people had a development. The same process concerning those many cultural communities that constituted the “melting pot” had to be, over time, experienced. Peace had to be made, invented, instituted.

When I pose these questions, I am certain my naïveté will become apparent. (Be kind!) How do same-sex marriages work? How will those marriages be populated to become families by the getting of children? Will they use the designations for husband and wife that are used in opposite-sex marriages? How will family trees develop? “Are “male” and “female” still appropriate designations for all instances?

There will have to be a wider, societal awakening for many of such questions. I cannot anticipate all of the questions that must be proposed, for the general good.

Please pose your questions as comments below. I also hope some answers will be given (in comments below) by those who are members of this newly recognized cultural community.


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