Paradise for Eternity?

Here I am, ageing fast, but not acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time, like a pound-ball of cheese. Or not maturing with age like a good wine would.

More like, the experience of the death of a life’s partner will age one with the pins and needles of grief piercing the mind. I have never before thought so much about religion since that passing. It is my choice to believe or not to believe, thanks to the open, free, non-coercive culture if this nation. Not the case with many who were given the parents’ choice before they could think for themselves about the choice, nor where the vast multitudes are compelled to take the religion of the nation and the larger regions beyond state.

This North American culture is more difficult to live in and follow those monumental lines of reasoning and thinking and making a choice. Here, the pressure comes from living with those life closings of those we love and cling to. We know what a variety of religions offer. For the most part, there is the offer of paradise for an eternity or burning in hell for eternity. Paradise is a palliative. Hell has been depicted by those threat mongers in the pulpits defining sin in lurid detail. ‘Sinners in the hands of an angry God” is the Puritanical treatment. And my early dose of First Baptists-ism.

Think of it, eternity in Paradise, Heaven. Perfection, the most powerful palliative ever invented. Meeting all your saved relatives and friends. The best goad ever invented to make human beings be and do good.

Eternity. Paradise. Perfection. How boring! I would prefer another go-round with a rebirth on Earth. With that promise, would everyone become concerned about the coming global warming? You bet! We’d have a higher stake in working NOW toward achieving climate control for future generations. Being Earth-bound futurists would make the best religion if we thought we might become another generation of humans, instead of lolling around in the perfections of paradise.

I am certain the concept of paradise was the invention of people living in the ages before the human brain invented scientific and technological reasoning.

I can hear some saying, “Let God do it! In an afterlife, with all those I knew before standing around me in the perfection of heaven, forever and forever.” I say, “Ad nauseam!!! How dull. All right at first, but then, the punishment of eternal ennui and mental and physical torpor. Someone would have to invent some interesting deviltry, in paradise, to offset and define the perfection. Or else puncture the brain to de-activate it before entering those pearly gates.”