The Human Body as a Collection of Functions, Making one Special System of the Five Billion Systems of a World System

The human body, as a system, has a collection of functions. It has the (1) interoceptor system which has the sensors for pain, balance, pressure, temperature, and kinesthes, and the (2) exteroceptor system for sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Those two internal systems are the sensors that are sensitive to the various internal and external data that enter our conscious attention after they have responded automatically to some change in our internal or external environment for actions to maintain some homeostasis, or balancing adjustments. One such stimulus might be the sudden startle response that happens when a gun is fired near us. That is a sudden emotional activity transpiring without conscious control. We may become conscious afterwards that the normal balance in one or more of those senses has been upset and requires some response to regain equilibrium.

There are some systems in the intellectual realm of human activity, such as (3) religious belief systems, (4) a sexual orientation system of habits, the (5) health, eating and nutrition system of habits, (6) speech communication or reading or writing systems of linguistic habits. Name them all, (7) living and shelter systems, (8) locomotion systems, (9) dressing systems, (10) study systems, (11)work-for-pay or economic systems, (12) moral systems, (13) accounting systems, (14) marriage and family systems, (15) political belief system. Among others that systematize all mental and physical experience. Many individual problems arise from poor or incomplete systematization in habits and skills.

Taken all together, the human body acquires a personhood profile over many variables of different systematic approaches to the world in which they have to live and organize their experience of being human. Choices can make one a criminal, a saint, a competent, an incompetent, a leader, a team player, a good sport, a Christian, an accident going somewhere to happen, a loner, a a homless person, a failure, a celebrity, a joy to be around, a procrastinator, a loser. You get the idea. Your individual system has a profile over all the systems interacting in the body you inhabit, yielding one individual personality system as an individual collection of functions. It is very difficult for anyone to be the common person, a stereotype, a non-entity.

Anyone who sells another human being short, as that saying goes; that is, to not consider someone or something to be as valuable or as good as they deserve.

Could that work in reverse? Could someone oversell another person, or consider some person more valuable than that person deserves?

The larger problem is over-valuing one system operating in the human body to the exclusion of most of the others. That raises the really tough problem of ordering the systems along some system of value or importance to be given to each functioning system in the individual collection found in one body. Then there is the problem of the discrepancy between the valuation given by another person compared to the valuation the person gives him- or her-self.

People will make judgments!

I have a different religious belief system from most. My political leanings are different from many of my acquaintances. I am tolerated for my other qualities. (I think.) (Then again, I don’t really know for sure.)

Is there a rule in your home never to talk about religion and politics?

Would the majority of people reject another persons’ friendship or even acquaintance on the basis of some single system-profile difference? What is the most important habit or trait difference that would cause you to reject another person?

What important consideration have I overlooked?

This comes down to how tolerant you can be of others of your acquaintance. Or even of someone who is a candidate for becoming your spouse. Or your political leader.

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No! Barack Obama! You May Not Join the Neighbor Hood Gang!

You may not join the neighborhood gang! Balk-U.S., Boner, and Ghastly Grassley play the game of:

Crips & Bloods;

Hatfields and McCoys;

Sunnis and Shiites;

Catholics and Protestants in No. Ireland;

Cage Fighters;

Israelis and Palestinians;

Broncos and Steelers;

Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olberman;

South Viet Nam and North Vietnam;

Nazis and Jews.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

They all played the M.A.D. game of internecine conflict. These guys, Republicans, have in common the trait of all true believers. They hold their politics as a religion. They may appear to debate and want to discuss the issues. However, they have the catechism of their true faith in Ronald Regan, glamorous, Hollywood, unthinking ideologue celebrity, who stood for one thing only: government IS the problem.

Regan said it with those resonant, actor-trained tones beautifully and forcefully, that government is regulation and the deprivation of freedom. Freedom unchecked is cause for rugged individualism in the financial markets and elsewhere, cause for massive accumulation of wealth. Never, ever, forget that blot on the psyches of all Republicans. That is their ideology.


They clearly are making all-out war against any government plan of healthcare at any and every public forum, and doing it wretchedly. Purposely. With the generous millions in support from those who stand to lose the most, the health-insurance companies.
Yet we all know government is a way of life in any society. How many layers of government do we labor under?
Homeowners associations covenants;
Building codes;
Rules of etiquette;
School districts;
Townships and counties;
Trade agreements;
Bi-lateral treaties and agreements;
International treaties;

The Geneva Conventions;

The Rights of Man;

The UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice, including the “Don’t be stupid” catchall article);
United Nations.

No one can be against government to the extent they are. They are truly UN_AMERICAN. Perhaps even “Anti-American” since they are probably conscious of what they are doing with their “other-American idea” of what “America” is.

You want to play nice with them, “bi-partisan” is your code word, and they are incapable of being bi-partisan, unless they have the bill their way. They may, in a certain sense, be considered “insane”, utterly foolish, ridiculous, and lacking any logical or practical basis for their “NO-sense” nonsense, except their underlying and unstated hostility to government.

I have medicare, but my children don’t. But we have all heard many of their followers’ hard-core ignorance about that program. My children have needed the government option, and I saw first-hand its value

Actually, their word for it is “socialism”, “socialized medicine”. They see that as a form of government, capital “S”. Their religion is “capitalism”, a form of economic-government, government that exists only for the furtherance of capitalism, that gives private-enterprise its profits. But, as we have seen,  when there are losses, that’s the time to switch to Socialism, which does have its uses for them.

There can BE a “socialized” medicine (small “s”), in the sense of making healthcare useful for the purposes of society, just as we socialize young people to take their place in society. Socialized medicine in that sense delivers health as a right. Government makes an abundance of laws for the health and safety of society as a whole.

Air quality.

Water quality.

Much of those layers of governmental mandates enumerated above has the motive of creating safety and health for the nation, and the globe. Our more reccent concerns have been elevated to encompass the whole earth, for health and welfare of people everywhere has become an imperative.

Medicine socialized is in the U.S. Constitution, as I interpret it.

Mr. President, you took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution at your swearing in. Everyone knows you are a Constitutional scholar.  Doesn’t the Constitution include the Preamble, which sets the overarching policy for all parts of our social contract: “…to form a more perfect Union…promote the general Welfare…”? I call it the promise of America to all who want to come here and to all who are here. The particulars of “general Welfare” were left to be stated more fully subsequently in law. What are more general-welfare elements than health and education? (Education will be next.)

Mr. President, you have a higher calling to think beyond the neighborhood gang of Republicans. But you seem to me to want to “mud wrestle” with those religiously political fanatics in the Republican party who are playing a dirty and deceptive game with you. They want your destruction as a political force. I and many others are sorely disappointed in you.

Democrats won the election, I thought. But I now feel that BIG MEDICINE CEOs and those democrats who received millions from BM are winning the battle for what you are afraid to say, Medicare For All.

UNLESS. (And that’s a wipeout of everything I said above.)

Unless Pres. Obama has concocted his understated and insubstantial presence for his plan for healthcare reform, a muddling mess,  in order to cause a massive grass-roots movement on the issue. It may be happening now. He does not want to be out there alone. He wants some movement in the nation to assess the degree of support for healthcare for all. Is he that smart?

The only solution: a national telecast introducing his schematic presentation of a SYSTEMS ANALYSIS  of his  health care plan, compared and contrasted to the status quo and to any Republican plan extant. He has all the resources to accomplish that.

It will never happen because he is conserving his political capital; therfore, the less said the better.

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