Demotts, J.R., Universal Phenomenon of Reminiscence in Later Life (An Abstract)

          396.21  Demotts, John Robert (1981) Reminiscence in older persons as a function of the cognitive control principle of leveling-sharpening and its relationship to life satisfaction and affect (Doctor of Philosophy dissertation, California School of Professional Psychology—San Diego). DAI 42/5B, p. 2095.

This study set forth to investigate the cognitive as well as the functional qualities that perhaps facilitate the universal phenomenon of reminiscence in later life. Hypotheses were formulated that proposed that sharpeners would be significantly higher than levelers in expressed reminiscence frequency, and that there would be significant relationships between frequency of reminiscence and life satisfaction and frequency of reminiscence and positive affect. A sample of 88 volunteers, above the age of 65 and living independently, participated in the study. Reminiscence frequency and affect were measured by a questionnaire developed by Havighurst and Glasser, while life satisfaction was measured by the Life Satisfaction Index A developed by Neugarten, Havighurst, and Tobin. Results of the study revealed significant correlations between reminiscence frequency and life satisfaction and reminiscence frequency and positive affect. (Abstract, edited)

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